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To start with, let's clarify terminology.

Advertisers are companies, organizations or private persons, who are first of all interested in advertising their own events and activities on the iXYt portal. That is the original sources of the information: theatres, philharmonics, concert and sports agencies etc. etc.
It is Advertisers who pay for advertising their own events, which organizers they are being of, on the iXYt portal.

Partner is an advertising agent who enters into a contract with Advertisers and, being already confered with contractual authority, posts information in the name and on behalf of the Advertiser. This contract is named the "Partner-Advertiser Contract".

At the same time the Partner enters into a contract with us, iXYt. This contract is named the ”Partner-iXYt Contract”.

The given texts of mentioned contracts are of advisory nature only, we do not insist on their scrupulous quoting. We don't even insist on concluding written contracts exactly, arrangements may be achieved also through oral negotiations and business handshake. If only to these arrangements to be implemented!

Further, the following occurs: the Partner is interested to enter into as many agreements as possible with different Advertisers and post on iXYt with as much information as possible about the various events and activities organized by “its” Advertisers. The more events (markers) it puts on iXYt, the more he earns.

Where does the Partner draw information for posting events? From our own advertising sources, provided to it by “its” Advertiser: from its websites and their own calendar tour plan schedules.

More detailed guidelines for the Partner are described here.

Our Partners should carry out an extensive accounting of how many markers from which Advertisers were placed over the reporting period (month, quarter, year - by agreement) and regularly transmit these data to the Accounting Department of the iXYt. In accordance with this statistics Invoices will be issued on the part of the iXYt to the Partner or directly to Advertisers (by agreement).

After receiving the money on the account the iXYt Partner shall get its 25% (commission from “its” charges) within 2 weeks. Form of fee payment to the Partner is also agreed on individual basis.

At a time we wish to draw your attention: due to an extensive network of friendly commercial structures and international relations there are no geographical or currency restrictions for the iXYt - we will find a mutually suitable methods of mutual settlement payments with both Advertisers and Partners, no matter where on the globe they are.

It goes without saying that the iXYt is not averse to conclusion of additional direct agreements between the Partner and “its” Advertisers on additional services (publications of promotional articles about Advertisers' activities, etc. on the iXYt) and receiving for these services additional money rewards and bonuses from Advertisers. All that the Partner will earn in excess of 25% of the iXYt (commission) remains at the disposal of the Partner.

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Date: 03.10.2015
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