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                                          BRIT FLOYD - CONTINUUM - World Tour 2016
Space & Time Tour:  

Tonight my famly attended the Brit Floyd concert at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. This was my second time to see Brit Floyd so I knew what to expect of the show & knew my family would enjoy this family friendly audio/visual spectacle.
But what I did not expect was my reaction to seeing The Orpheum Theatre for my first time. The Orpheum was a wonderful gem & helped make the show that much better. Why? Because of its character & wonderful preservation. The Orpheum originally opened in 1926 & it still had all of its ornate architecture intact. The detailed wood carved ceiling was so awesome.
Our seats were the best in the house. They were in the Mezzanine, which was located upstairs, just in front of the balcony. Since it was elevated above the stage we had a perfect unobstructed view of the stage.
The prices associated with the Orpheum were impressive. First off, parking was way cheaper than arena parking. And then the concessions were inexpensive, too. We all loaded up on snacks & some of us even went back for seconds.
The concert was awesome. Brit Floyd played for 3 hours, with one 20 minute intermission. I enjoyed seeing them for my second time more than my first time because of it being at The Orpheum & because I had my family there instead of just me.
The lasers used throughout the show were awesome. I loved their light show, too. And the videos really helped tell the stories of the songs.

Sounds Even BETTER Than Original Band!:

My husband and I attended the Brit Floyd Show at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater last night. After a winderful pre-show dinner at the venue, we were treated to one of the best concerts we have ever attended.
This band not only covered all the essential Floyd hits note for note, but sounded even better than the original IMHO. Some of the songs covered included big hits such as "Another Brick in the Wall"', "Money", "Wish You Were Here", and "Comfortably Numb" among others. I was pleased to see they even included a couple older songs from the 60s such as "Set the Controls". There were no opening acts. The show was in two parts plus a twenty minute intermission with the second portion being around ninety minutes in length. A constant video in the background coupled with occasional laser lights and a giant pig (?) head made this show a fun visual experiemce as well.
I would highly recommend this show to ANY Pink Floyd afficionado or anyone even remotely familiar with their music.

Excellent Floyd Show:

If we have to come to terms with the fact that the Floyd are never going to reunite...and I think we do...then we have to content ourselves with the occasional Gilmour tour, Waters doing the Wall...and tribute bands. If you have never seen the real Floyd go see these guys...they are terrific. If you have seen the real Floyd..let's face it you probably don't remember that much..so go see these guys anyway.This is a fabulous tribute band...in fact tribute band doesn't really cover it. IMHO these guys and the Australian Pink Floyd show can give the real guys a run for their money any day of the week.
Their sound is as close to perfect as makes no real difference (albeit it sometimes takes two guitarists to pull of what Gilmour does on his own). The skill and artistry is off the chart as is the stage presentation. Impressively they use enormous amounts of original video as featured in various real Floyd shows. The footage looks horribly dated (as did the much of the crowd BTW) but it was super authentic,a bit nostalgic and fascinating....they had the Concord taking off in "Money"!
The availability of computer controlled LED rigs means that in many cases these guys were able to outshine the crazy diamonds' original technical presentation. The show is epic in length. It starts dead on time (so get there on time people!) and runs three hours with a 20 minute pee break. To give you an idea of how in your face talented they are they ran "Great Gig in the Sky" as the second song, with the soloist absolutely crushing the part. You don't get many shows which can pull off a standing "O" in the first ten minutes.
The show allegedly covers 50 years of Floyd...and there's my only complaint. To get to the 50 years they played one track from their 2014 cash grab abomination "The Endless River". It's a horrible album cobbled together from the cutting room floor of the "Division Bell". That track and "See Emily Play" (Yuck) from "Piper" got them the 50 years but it hurt the show just a little. Side note for super geeks. In the video and photos which accompanied 'The Endless River' TRck there are lots of vintage pics of the band but not a single picture or video moment of waters to be seen.
Never mind, those polished turds can be overlooked when the rest of the show is considered and enjoyed. I loved that they did "Sheep" and "One of These days" and their renditions of "Run like Hell" and "Comfortably Numb" were spot on. It was ballsy to encore with the entire fourth side of "The Wall"...they pulled it off but by that point I bet many of the crowd could have done without the trial and its over blown Waters BS and called it a night.
You can not spend fifty entertainment dollars better. You should go and take the kids or grand kids. Show them how great it used to be. Bravo Brit Floyd!

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