Privacy Policy

We hereby fulfill our statutory obligation to provide information and inform you about data storage, type of data, its intended purpose and our identity. Also, we hereby notify on the initial data transfer and the type of the data being transferred.

  1. Subject of data protection

The subject of data protection shall be personal data. These shall be separate information about personal or material relationships of any particular or specified natural person, for example, name, post address, email address or also user information, such as your computer's IP address.

  1. Automatic anonymous collection, processing and use of data

We shall automatically collect, process or use the non-personal data that our browser (Cookies files) transmits to us. Such data shall include:

- browser type/version,

- operating system,

- referrer’s/URL address (link source)

- IP address (your computer's host name)

- the exact time of the server query

  1. Collection, processing and use of personal data by order

Basically, to use Webpage, collection, processing and use of personal data shall be not required. We also shall not provide a similar function.

Collection, processing and use of personal data shall be carried out only if you provide your personal data. It may be necessary in the following cases:

(1) Newsletters

If you want to receive our newsletter, then we need your valid email address, and other personal data that will allow us to verify that you are the owner of the specified e-mail address. You may withdraw at any time your consent to retention of personal data, e-mail address as well as their use for sending the newsletter.

(2) Transfer to state agencies and bodies

We shall pass the data to the competent state institutions and authorities only within the scope of legal obligations or in accordance with the court's decision.

(3) Advertising

We shall process or use personal data only in those cases where this data is from a list or other summary information concerning relatives of any group of persons, which is limited to the customer's membership to this group of persons, the name of his/her occupation, field of activity, company, his/her name, post, scientific degree, his/her address and date of birth, and when the processing or use of such data are necessary. Use shall be:




(4) Transfer of data abroad

As a general, we shall not share the stated data abroad.

(5) Google Analytics

Google Analytics - this website shall use Google Analytics, the Web analytics service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics shall use the so-called “Cookies” files, text files which are stored on your computer and enable analysis of your use of this Website. Information about your use of this Website, obtained through Cookies, shall be typically passed to the Google server in the United States and saved there. On behalf of the administrator of this Website, Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website, to compile reports about the activity of visiting the site and to provide further services related to the use of the website and Internet, in regard to its administrator. The IP address which, within Google Analytics, is passed by your browser, shall not be joined to other data from Google. You may prevent saving of Cookies by using the appropriate software for your browser; however, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that in this case, if necessary, you may not be able to fully use all functions of the Website. In addition, you may prevent collection and transmission of the data in Google, obtained through Cookies, that relate to your use of the website (including your IP address), as well as processing of such data by using Google, if you download and install the available plugin under the following link: ( In the face of discussions concerning use of “analytics tools” (Analysetools) with full IP addresses, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Google Analytics website with the extension “_anonymizeIp()” shall use and later process the IP address only with abbreviated names in order to establish a direct connection with personal data relating to this IP address.

(6) Use of electronic communications

We shall collect and use personal data if necessary for use of electronic communication means (data about the use). Such data, especially, shall include the elements of the client identification, data on the start and end, as well as the volume of the corresponding use and the data of the electronic communication means used by the client.


(7) Using the usage data for mutual payments

We shall use the usage data at the end of usage, if such data is necessary for mutual payments with the client (payment information). In doing so, we shall combine the client’s data on the use of various means of electronic communication, if it is necessary for mutual payments. In order to meet the existing retention periods established by law, Charter or contract, the service provider shall be authorized to block the data.

(8) Data transmission to third parties

We shall pass payment information with other service providers or third parties only if this is necessary for determination of the reward and payments to the client. If we have entered into a contract with a third party about getting the reward, we shall have the right to transfer payment information to the person concerned, if this is necessary for implementation of this purpose. For the purpose of marketing research of other service providers, transfer of anonymous usage data shall be allowed.

  1. Minors

We are especially interested to ensure protection of personal data of children. For this reason, we shall not intentionally collect, process or use data of minors, if we do not have the consent of the persons having parental authority. As soon as we discover that a minor, without the relevant consent, personally provides his/her personal data or is going to provide personal data on such minors, we shall promptly delete such data.

  1. Right to obtain information

The client shall always have the ability to require information, which relates to the stored data about his/her identity, including, if it is related to the source of such data; (to require receipt of the information that relates to) the recipient or categories of recipients to whom the data are transferred, as well as retention of data.

  1. Removing and blocking

We shall delete personal data that are processed for personal purposes, if your data is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose of saving the data. Deleting data, may be replaced by blocking if removal contradicts the terms of storage, established by law, Charter or contract, (if) the reason for this decision is that as a result of data deletion interests of the person concerned may be violated protected, or deletion of the data due to a special type of their retention is not possible, or it can be done only through disproportionately high costs. In addition, you can at any time block, correct or delete your information that we collect. Sch removal shall occur if you withdraw your consent to collection, processing and use of personal data. If withdrawal occurs during the current process, then deletion shall occur immediately after its completion. Further deletion of data or obligations in relation to blocking of data arising from the law in this context shall remain unchanged.

  1. Technical and organizational measures

We shall take technical and organizational measures that are necessary to ensure fulfillment of data protection requirements if the costs are proportionate in relation to the desired goal of data protection. When communicating via email, we cannot guarantee full data security, so we recommend that you send confidential information by post.

  1. The identity of the responsible position

The responsible position in this context shall be the Law on data protection and authorized person on data protection

Company “iXYt GmbH”

Freiburger Str. 15

69126 Heidelberg


Phone: +49-6221-189189, +49-171-2849825

Email: [email protected]

  1. Withdrawal

The client may at any time withdraw its consent to collection, processing or use of its data, which will be valid in the future. Such withdrawal should be sent to the address:

Company “iXYt GmbH”

Freiburger Str. 15

69126 Heidelberg


Phone: +49-6221-189189, +49-171-2849825

Email: [email protected]