Millencolin. - World legend!!! Tour - 2016.

Millencolin is a skate–punk band that was formed in October of 1992 by Erik Ohlsson, Mathias Färm and Nikola Sarcevic in Örebro, Sweden. Fredrik Larzon joined the band in early 1993 which cemented the lineup. Millencolin as a word derives from the skateboard–trick melancholy (also known as "sad air") because of their passion for skateboarding.

The band releases their CDs on the Swedish label Burning Heart Records outside the US. Within the United States, Millencolin CDs are released with Epitaph Records. Since 2003, the band has hosted a skateboard contest at their own skatepark in Örebro, Sweden named the Millencolin Open. They say they started this annual contest because skateboarding is what brought them together and now they have the chance to make something good of their town and of skateboarding.

Millencolin — панк-рок-группа, созданная в октябре 1992 года Эриком Олсоном, Матиасом Фармом и Николой Сарцевик в Эребру, Швеция. В начале 1993 года к группе присоединился ударник Фредрик Ларзон. Википедия
Солист: Nikola Sarcevic
Начало карьеры: Эребру, Швеция (1992 г.)
Участники: Nikola Sarcevic, Mathias Färm, Erik Ohlsson, Fredrik Larzon
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