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There was little drama in Friday's late match, as the Spanish trampled the Turks 3-0. The debate can now commence as to whether the defending European champions have re-found the form that once made them powerhouses.
Spain had racked up a very Spain-typical 1-0 win in their first match and were looking to seize control of Group D and assure progression into the next round. For Turkey, losers their first time out, it was about trying to get their campaign started in Nice.
Spain hogged the ball, as is their way, and created a pair of chances in the tenth minute. Alvaro Morata forced Volkan Babacan into a diving save, and Pique's header after the resulting corner bounced off the ground and over the bar.
Turkey's best look at goal came from a Hakan Calhanoglu free kick after 26 minutes. Two minutes later, Nolito came even closer with a mid-range shot that just curled around the post.
And just after the half-hour mark, Spain broke through when Nolito put in a precision cross and Alvaro Morata directed a firm header into the net. Two minutes later and Spain were in dream land. Morata put in a cross, which came off the head of Mehmet Topal and landed at Nolito's feet. His finish was clinical, and Spain led by a pair.
Turkey's defense had almost ceased...

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From air guitaring to extreme ironing, there are odd world championships all over the world. Winning isn't always top priority - most of them are all about the thrill.
Air guitar
Allegedly, the grandfather of air guitaring is Joe Cocker. He even did it during his famous Woodstock show in 1969. While the hippies gave him a skeptical look back in the day, the "lightest instrument in the world" is now world famous. There is is a world championship held in Oulu, Finland. Joe Cocker might have had quite a chance with his performance.
High-heel racing
The High Heel Drag Queen Race originated in Washington, D.C., where drag queens have been "crossing the line" and competing on stilettos for the past 30 years. The race has since spread all over the world. Most contests have strict rules regarding the length and width of the heels. The winner's secret: long steps and don't roll your feet!
Cheese rolling
A cheese wheel is rolled down a steep hill at up to 70 mph and dozens of Brits run after it. Sound like fun? Though it's nearly impossible to actually catch the cheese round, whoever reaches the bottom of the hill first wins anyways. Broken bones and other injuries are not uncommon, yet hundreds of fans come to Gloucestershire to...

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Thanks to the national team qualifying for Euro 2016, enthusiasm for soccer is on the rise in Albania. But a lack of fields and pricey training academies keep kids out of the game. Matteo Tacconi reports from Tirana.
Albania's qualification for Euro 2016 in France has made history: For the first time its national team is taking part in a major international football competition. The remarkable achievement of the team coached by Italian manager Gianni De Biasi has spurred national pride in a country that was isolated from the rest of Balkans, Europe and the world during the communist era and is still a long way from joining the EU.
Football fever has spread across Albanian society, especially among young people, many of whom dream of one day wearing the national team's kit.
"My players have been training with more energy since Albania secured a ticket to France," says Erald Deliallisi, a former professional player who now coaches at Dinamo academy, one of the privately owned soccer schools that have flourished over the past decade.
Deliallisi says that only 10 of the boys he trains have what it takes to turn this sport from a passion into a profession. He adds that Albania still needs to develop its infrastructure in order to bring out young people's...

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Five years after the last film, Harry Potter is back - and he's now a father and civil servant in the Ministry of Magic. Preview performances of the next chapter of the successful series begin in London on June 7.
World's most famous wizard
Boy wizard Harry Potter has been with us ever since author J.K. Rowling released the first book in her seven-part series in 1997. Soon after, in 2001, the first film adaptation starring Daniel Radcliffe (above, in the 2002 sequel) was released, with the final movie hitting cinemas a decade later. Along the way, of course, came a massive wave of merchandise…
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park opened in Orlando, Florida in 2010. Two other parks have since opened in Osaka, Japan and Los Angeles. The parks recreate the village of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts castle, promising visitors a one-hour exploration experience on an "enchanted bench." Technically, that's true - the ride queue takes about an hour. The actual journey lasts only four minutes.
Shopping paradise
In 2014, the Diagon Alley attraction opened at the other end of the Orlando theme park, with the Hogwarts Express train ready to take visitors back and forth. Alongside the Gringotts Wizarding Bank (complete with dragon on the roof),...

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